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The ARROWVERSE (Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends,etc)
(02-13-2018, 10:00 PM)gazza Wrote:

Marvel’s Jessica Jones - Season 2 | Official Trailer 
released on netflix on march 8th . anyone else looking forward to season 2 or are you more excited for luke cage season 2

Great series.  Intriguing trailer.
Though Jessica Jones is MARVEL.   This thread is dedicated to DC Comics's shared ArrowVerse shows.  Tongue hee hee  Big Grin
"... let's go exploring!" -- CALVIN.
Guys, I might be done with The Flash. Everything about it has grown old and tiresome - the single plot arcs scraped across entire seasons to no lasting effect, the Big Bads whose motives and plans are are unclear for the first two-thirds of the season, until they're revealed to be dumb and easily beaten in the final few eps, the pitiful Barry/Iris romance, the boring-ass West family soap opera storylines, and the lack of growth/progression for Cisco and Caitlyn. Time and again, potentially interesting storylines - Team Flash vs. the military, Flashpoint, Gorilla City, Earth-Two, the dilemma of the Speed Force Prison, and most recently Prisoner Barry - are half-heartedly explored for an episode or two, only to be cast aside so the dull main season plot can retake center stage.

All this has been the case for a while, though, making the show's main charm the Team Flash characters and their interactions. But though Ralph has been a fun addition, and Wally's departure was a welcome subtraction of a useless character (I'm anxious that he'll drag the Legends down also, but, who knows, maybe he won't), the group is just hitting the same notes again and again, with the "character doubts resolved with trite pep talks" trope being egregiously overused. Meanwhile, it's clear that the show isn't interested in building or evolving to anything - and indeed it can't, because its place in the Arrowverse pretty much requires it to keep on treading water in its niche, much like Arrow does in its niche. The Legends may also be stuck in a storytelling loop, complete with obligatory season-long meaningless Big Bad-centric arcs, but at least the constant stream of new time periods is keeping that show fresh - for now.

I finally gave up on Arrow (and have never looked back) halfway through its fourth season, and I'm about at that point with The Flash in its fourth season. The thrill of having weekly full-on superhero series is simply kaput, and  though Legends of Tomorrow remains fun and exciting, it too may well have peaked with its second-season Legion of Doom arc. (It's telling that by keeping Darkh around, with Mallus remaining entirely undefined, they're still leaning on the strengths of that villain team, as if they know that they won't be able to top it with any generic Big Bads of their own. Also, Constantine is a lame and irritating tosser - there, I said it!) I'd say "see you in the big crossover events, Flash" - but, as I've noted, those are bad to awful, so, never mind. As Mr. Dent says...

[Image: Your_Show.jpg]

But, hey, Agents of SHIELD is still great! Tongue
The CW has renewed the Arrowverse for another season...


Thus far this season, FLASH remains my favourite watch, as it continues to be the most "comic booky" of all the Arrowverse shows and the main cast is so incredibly likeable.   And how they have handled the big bad, The Thinker, has been somewhat refreshing.

LEGENDS is always entertaining and overly ambitious (its very hard to make Vancouver in winter look like Africa lol), though it decends into pure comedy more than I like, but again, much like Flash, the team ensemble and their banter keeps me tuned in. Next week is the season finale, then Supergirl returns and takes it's time slot.

SUPERGIRL, while not as strong as season two, has explored some interesting new territory and the villain Reign is one of the more complex, sympathetic Arrowverse villains in a long time.  But once again, it is not the badguys that hold my attention, it is the character dynamics between the core cast that draw me in.

ARROW, after a revitalizing fifth season, season six has felt tired.   Again, the cast is great, the action sequences are the best on network tv and the big bad twist was decent but the main arc of breaking up the team, and now the division between Ollie and Diggle, all feels very forced, unearned and out of character to me.   

The strength of all these shows is the strong casts and usually great character dynamic between them.   The big weakness of ALL OF THEM is it reliance on the WHEDON PLAYBOOK for storytelling.  Almost every Network shows uses it.  It has been done to death.  It begins to give the shows a Wash, Rinse and REPEAT feel.  

If these shows are going to continue to succeed, they need to drop their season long big bad arcs, and focus instead on just telling good stories, be it episodic or mini-movie arcs.  Not every adventure needs to be about saving the City or the World.  So long as the writers take the time to craft interesting villains to watch, it doesn't matter what the plot is, be it bank robbery, drug dealing or alien invasion.  Just give me solid fun stories.
"... let's go exploring!" -- CALVIN.
So I guess this is what they do between scene shots... LOL

"... let's go exploring!" -- CALVIN.
"The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly"

A very FUN wrap up to the Mallus season arc.  They went BIG for the finale, lots of guest heroes, lots of action and humour, and some nice emotional beats as we saw the departure of some main characters.

On a whole, I would say this season was on par with Season 2.   A lot more comedy this season, which is both a strength and weakness.   I feel the season 2 Legion of Doom arc was slightly stronger just because it is always better to have real live villains than CGI ones.   With that said, Legends CGI Big Bad battle was HILARIOUS  (borrowed/ripped off from Ghostbusters ha ha!) and imo was better looking/executed than most of the multi-million dollar big screen DC or Marvel blockbusters...

The closing bookend sets up season four with Constantine joining the cast a series regular.
All in all, a very entertaining season.  Big Grin
"... let's go exploring!" -- CALVIN.
SUPERGIRL returned this week after a long hiatus and it hit a home run with its return.  It is was an exceptionally strong character focused episode that touched on many social issues of substance....  It explored the tragedy of a love one with Alzheimers.... it asked the question why J'onn would choose to live the life of a Black man in America.... and the 'A" storyline of Winn dealing with the death of his villain father and return of his estranged mother played very true and bittersweet.   This felt like a return to season two quality of episodes...  good solid character development laced with social commentary.  Hopefully the remaining eps continue this trend.

There was also some fun gags with the new Toy Man (?)...  trapping Kara in a giant action figure container was funny even though she should have easily escaped it instead of being rescued by Mon-el lol

Things I have missed this season.... not a single reference to Superman so far..... in the past the writers made an effort to reference Superman to explain why he is not present when their is a major crisis.   But this year nada.  Though perhaps the writers feel Kara has stepped out of her cousin's shadow since they established her as the Earth's champion in the season two finale?

But the bigger thing that bugs me, after spending all of season two teaching Kare how to become a reporter, there has not been any real stories this year of her as such.   Editor Snapper Carr has completed vanished and when we visit Catco it is mostly for Jimmy/Lena scenes not Kara.   

Moving along....  FLASH had another fun episode with a dark, somber twist for the team.   I must admit, though I have grown tired of season long Big Bad arcs, the Thinker has turned out to be a refreshing twist on the formula.

ARROW... what to say?   The last two episodes have featured extraordinary powerful character scenes... the conflict between Diggle and Ollie was very well done.   And Ollie's vertigo induce hallucinations last week, really showed off Amell's range and shows why he is the star of this show.   Though the character's decision to go alone after the said Vertigo experience seemed at odds with what he experienced?   Ollie continues to make bad decisions.    And maybe that is the point of this season....

The producers are teasing a "game changer" for season six finale, and we know the title of episode is "Life Sentence"....  speculation is Ollie will lose his secret identity and be sent to prison.   Which could be a much needed twist, though Flash just did a hero in prison storyline, so will that feel repetitive to fans?   But if handled right, it could be invigorating.   Have Diaz win at the season finale, in complete control of Star City,  Ollie sent to prison trapped with villains he put there.   He has to escape to save his city, truly becoming a Robin Hood style outlaw.... it could be fun?   We know season seven has a new showrunner as Gruggenheim is departing.... a new showrunner this late in a series run can be revitalizing, though more often than not, it is the death knell to a long running show.   Season seven will be a telling year for Arrow and the franchise it has spawned.
"... let's go exploring!" -- CALVIN.
Arrow, a show about a bow-and-arrow-toting vigilante, will run at least as long as TNG.

I can't be the only one to find that bananas?!


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