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188 minute tv cut of Superman: The Movie getting an official release
Richard Donner not happy with the release of the Extended Cut....

Quote:It’s terrible. That was an original assembly; it was nothing more than an assembly. And we cut most of the bad s*** out. And in good taste, the producers decided… in those days if you sold a picture to television you sold it by length. The longer the film the more money they got. So they went back and got somebody – not Stuart Baird – to put all the footage back in that we’d taken out.
So now, same thing, in good taste, Warner Bros TV – or whoever the hell stupidly is doing this – just took the same s*** and they’re putting it out to the audience to make a buck. Bad taste.
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^ I think that is a pretty fair assessment. As an artist, you only want to show your best work, not all the bits that you specifically want to remove to make the product better.

It's a cool thing for fans who want to see every tiny element that goes into making a film, but I can see how as the director, this may not be representative of your work.
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Review of the TV cut release...

I seem to remember watching Superman 3 a couple of years after it's initial release on the TV and being surprised as there seemed to be lots of extra scenes in the TV version compared to the vhs store version, another was Firefox with Clint Eastwood.  Granted I  was probably around 13 at the time and deleted scenes wasn't even a thing I would have been aware existed.  Guess it must have been common practice for certain studios to do that back then.

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