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Hobbit: The Last Light, The:
Hobbit: The Last Light, The:

Belgarath achieves a very well put together fanedit of the middle and final Hobbit movies.

In this installment he streamlines the narrative to the absolutely necessary, even if it still contains elements made up for the movies that were never in the original book. The inclusion of Legolas and company at the end of the journey thru Mirkwood is somewhat jarring in my opinion but it still makes for an entertaining experience.

Wise choices were made with moving the plot along to the confrontation with Smaug, and the edit still clocks at over two hours... just goes to show how bloated the originals are.

Sadly, in the A/V Quality marks I have to deduct some penalty points. Even though the editing is seamless, the edit only offers a 2.0 audio track; this has always been a let down for my enjoyment and it reflects in all the relevant reviews I've written in the past.

Overall, a recommended alternative for another trip to Middle Earth.


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