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Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back: Revisited:
Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back: Revisited:

I'll make this quick--this edit was an enormous amount of work but is actually a fairly subtle edit. There are tons of little changes, all of which contribute towards a much larger whole. The biggest change I noticed are the AT-ST's added to the battle of Hoth. They were tastefully done and gave me some smiles. ESB is a film that didn't need much "fixing" but what Adywan has done is polish it to perfection. This is a professional quality edit and it's completely flawless. Through his years of work and dedication, Ady has proven that he's quite simply Star Wars' biggest fan.

In short, this edit is billed as "what the special editions should have been!" and it absolutely lives up to that standard. Looking forward to the final entry to the Revisited trilogy!


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