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Back to the Future: Bootstrap Edition:
Back to the Future: Bootstrap Edition:

QuackAtomic's edit is a great cut of the Back to Future series into an interesting and entertaining singular film.

A/V - Very clean. I didn't notice any pixelization at all. Sound was solid.

Visual Editing - Smooth.

Audio Editing - Smooth as well.

Narrative - To start off, I loved the opening disclaimer. It's little things like that, that I really appreciate in fan edits. The redone opening credits look great. The way the story is intertwined and rearranged is phenomenal, especially in combining the 1955 timelines. The pacing was good and the story flowed. The only negative things I can say are, I wish I saw more of 1885 to explain the opening and give a little more backstory and to have either visited 2015 or have the 2015 ending cut completely. That being said, condensing 3 films full of story into 2.5 hour film that still gets it's point across and is enjoyable, is amazing!

Enjoyment - I had a great time watching this edit!

Thanks QuackAtomic! :]X


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