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Fant4stic: The Unaired TV Pilot:
Fant4stic: The Unaired TV Pilot:

I must say I was a bit skeptical going into this edit, knowing the source. However, I am pleased to say that what Ironman23 has created here is damn entertaining! Pacing was 100% fixed, and was no longer cluttered by useless backstory. Ironman23 has cut down all of the fluff of the first act and got right to the meat of the story. Transitions were superb and the new color grade shouted "JACK KIRBY" to me in bold.

The only issue I did have with this edit was one noticeable cut around the 22 minute mark, but due to how well this edit turned out as a whole, it was completely forgivable.

I recommend this edit to anyone who is skeptical about what could be done here. Ironman23 has created something special here.

Dear Ironman23, I an anxiously awaiting an Episode 2!


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