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John Wick: Point Blank Cut:
John Wick: Point Blank Cut:

This was an excellent job! Its kind of a no brainier to watch this movie in black and white since the lenses that were used in the filming of this movie render great BOKEH and aberrations that look excellent in the black and white format.

There is one problem with this edit though. I think the cuts at the end where Wick gets his new dog doesn't do any favors for the movie since i think that watching Wick get up from the ground and seeing the damaged SUV parked outside the building really helps with the geography of the scene and in my opinion that should have stayed along with some seconds of out of focus footage from the very last shot that helped jell the two shots together.

That problem aside, this is some really good stuff, and i highly recommend watching it for anyone who loved the originals. They might even end up liking this a little bit more.


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