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Star Wars: Rise of the Rebellion - A Rogue One Edit:
Star Wars: Rise of the Rebellion - A Rogue One Edit:

Rogue One: a Star Wars story came out December 2016 with a slew of, well mixed reviews. True no one I knew hated it but most felt disappointed with the film nostly due to not caring or knowing much about our main heroes, dodgy CG recreations of two classic characters, and a supposed lack of Darth Vader. Without the aid of deleted scenes, a lot of that can be quite a challenge to tackle, and yet here comes DigModification taking that head on with some pretty good results. That dodgy CG people talk about? It's made a little better through clever recoloring in various scenes. What about our heroes? Imo, trimming down or even cutting out there backstories early on gives a sense of mystery they never really had. Darth Vader, ok nothing could be really done about that but then again he's in the film long enough (it's called having restraint). Even a few of those forced easter eggs are taken out for a smoother experience, giving us and even those on the other side of the fence something closer to that galaxy far far away


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