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The Return of Sherlock:
The Return of Sherlock:

Given the intention to present a fan edit focusing on John and Sherlock's relationship, I'd say this is superbly done. Splendid editing with no giveaway at all that this is a fan edit. A slight compression of the video is noticeable, but it does not detract from the viewing. Being a fan of the wedding episode, I liked how it was used to underline the edit's intention, while still being nicely trimmed. Putting the Anderson scene as a bridge works very well, and gives the edit a breather.

This is indeed a great way to re-visit the series. I watched all three (at the time of writing) fan edits of the series over the weekend and had a great time. As I suggest in my review of Zarius' The Little That Remains/Adventure of CAM, this edit is a perfect prelude to his edit, and watching them back-to-back is a rewarding way to re-watch the third series.

Great work!


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