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Sherlock: The Little That Remains/Adventure of CAM:
Sherlock: The Little That Remains/Adventure of CAM:

A splendid trim of the third series, with a fast-paced first episode and a follow-up adventure with Magnussen and Mary as centerpieces. Zarius has edited both episodes with great care, with the audio and video seamlessly stitched together. A slight drop in video quality in the beginning; my uneducated guess is that the minisode came in a different flavor of video quality.

All in all, this works very well as a trimmed version of series 3. I will say that because much (if not all) of the second episode is gone, information in Adventure of CAM has to be filled in by the viewer. Not knowing the original episodes might confuse a new viewer for a moment. As such, this becomes a great companion piece and continuation to theryaney's The Return of Sherlock, watching them back-to-back.

The narrative is otherwise compelling, yet streamlined.



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