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Mr. Mercedes
I added yesterday the fourth episode of Mr.Mercedes on the workprint and i am now on exactly 90 minutes 
There is a possibility that i cut more of this fourth episode but i must wait until the next one before i can close this first chapter of 5 episodes cut to one movie
But until now it looks great without the usual unimportant bullshit the story goes much faster
With the 5th one, i hope to create an approx. 115 - 120 minutes cut

To be continued........
Man, i saw this 5th episode yesterday and it was great
There's one scene in this episode in the beginning that i use for the ending of this first chapter of 5 episodes of the Mercedes Killer
I make it more twisted than it already is 
Next week i put this episode on the workprint
I did some more cuts on the 4th one but the exact running time with this one added is in the next update
But the ending overdubbed with the Saw music will be great

To be continued.......
I finished this work print with the 5th episode of Mr. Mercedes
Running time of this cut is 113 minutes so the first chapter is done
Music overdubs and re-score of SAW 3 and Death Sentence of Charlie Clouser
There's a lot recut in this print. There are scenes in a different order
For the past scenes, i used black and white
The fact is that this print is a nice example for the official Blu-ray release when he is coming out
It makes all that work a lot easier

Well, up to the last 5 episodes and for now i say the tv show is great, i love it
It's been a good if uneven show. I really enjoy it too! From the get-go my favorite critics tainted my viewing with early assertions it would be better as a 6-episode UK style miniseries than the full blown 10 eps that are airing, and while it's not finished, I'm begrudgingly in agreement, and over the moon that you're boiling this thing down to a long-format feature film. It almost certainly will be a success. Your current 113-minute runtime suggests a ton more triage than I could imagine; I get more into the show with each epiosode and would probably be unable to slice more than 10 minutes from each episode. But that's speaking as someone caught up in the drama as it unfolds, never reading the book, not seeing the big picture.  

Super excited for your final cut! Please keep updating and sharing, and I'll be finger-poised to acquire the series on home media to see your edition! Smile

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