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Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back: Revisited:
Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back: Revisited:

(Spoilers for this edit)
It was a long wait, but The Empire Strikes Back: Revisited is finally here. This is a great fan edit loaded with lots of new surprises. The battle of Hoth is phenomenal. The enhanced FX throughout the film are so seamless that shots will slip by you as if they had been that way all along (The Force Awakens bunk nestled on the back wall of the Falcon is just one example). Two new embellishments I really liked were the Snowtroopers repealing down from the AT-ATs and Mcquarrie's giant white spider from his early concept art of Degobah. The physical models used in place of the outdated background mats looked fantastic. Every laser bolt and light saber is gorgeous. This is the best version of one of the greatest movies ever made. Adywan has a dream of doing the revisited treatment on episodes 1 through 6. If you are a Star Wars fan, after watching this edit that will be your dream too. Get this edit, watch it, enjoy it, then be sure to donate at least the price of a movie ticket to help support Adywan and his crew.


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