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The Empire Strikes Back is Out NOW!
(08-14-2017, 11:31 AM)TomH1138 Wrote: Ugh. I can't open the second file from Mega for some reason.

I finally downloaded all the files from Mega onto my hard drive. I clicked on the first one, and JDownloader popped up, and I clicked "Extract," and it asked for a password, so I entered "adywan" and it downloaded just fine into a new folder that I created for it.

I then clicked on the second file; JDownloader popped up; I clicked "Extract"; I entered the password "adywan"...but I get this message:

"Data error in encrypted file 'ESB_REVISITED_720P_x264.mkv'. Wrong password?"

I went back and checked Ady's original post, and he only gave the one password.

At first, I tried to save the extracted files into the same folder, but they had the same name, so then I tried to rename File 2, but JDownloader wouldn't let me do that for some reason (either manually or Auto-Rename). So I created a new folder for File 2, but I'm still getting an error message. That's the only other variable I can think to mention, but the data error I'm receiving doesn't seem to have anything to do with the naming.

I just tried File 3 but got the same error message.

Is anyone else having this problem? If so, has anyone figured out a way around this?
You should only have to do the first file. It will extract all pieces and leave you with one file.  Are you sure you don't have the whole movie after extracting the first time?

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