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Poll: What was your Favorite Edit in May/June 2017?
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Hollywood Apocalypse: The Electronic Killer / Mad Man by Leeroy
1 6.67%
Return to the Planet of the Apes by David Kerin
2 13.33%
Star Wars: Heir to the Force by DigModiFicaTion
12 80.00%
Total 15 vote(s) 100%
* You voted for this item. [Show Results]

May/June FEOTM Poll
This is the discussion thread for May/June FEOTM Poll. Post away!
Didn't maniac release three edits during May/June?
Or did he cancel himself out?
He asked that his edits no longer be included in the FEOTM.

So...yes and yes.
What a maniacal thing to do Wink
At last: The Return of FEOTM.
Star Wars: Heir to the Force by DigModiFicaTion is the clear winner for the May/June FEOTM taking in 12 of the 15 votes. Well done, DigModiFicaTion! Please PM me with a link to a screen cap of your edit so I can put the award banner together.
Thank You Everyone for making this journey so fun. Much of this edit came directly from your suggestions, encouragement and challenges to push my abilities to new heights. I can't say thank you enough to all involved for the constant support that helped me complete this project and grow as an editor and person. This one is for you Smile
Congrats on the win, Digi! Smile
Completed Edits:  Jurassic World: Blockbuster Edition Star Trek: Seeds of Wrath (an Into Darkness fanfix) The Lost World Jurassic Park: Reinvigorated / Star Wars: The Force Awakens/ Fant4stic: The Unaired TV Pilot

Youtube/ Vimeo
Congratulations! Wink
congrats, DMF! may the force awake you.

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