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Kingsman: The Golden Circle
Thinking back to to it now, there are only 2 scenes in the whole movie I can appreciate in their entirety.

The scene where Eggsy and Merlin discover the whisky bottle (Merlin's later dressing down of Bourbon got whoops and belly laughs from the hearty Scottish audience), and the reprisal of "shoot the dog". The first made me laugh hard and the second made me feel an emotional connection with the characters. The rest of the movie is thoroughly lacking in these respects.

Rushed. Not thought out. Sad.

Better luck next time, Vaughn and Co.
Maybe there will be some deleted scenes as well?  The wife and I enjoyed it for what it was, but it was definitely not as good as the original.  I also thought it was a little strange that Harry came back and went right back into ordering Eggsy around when Eggsy is now a seasoned agent.  That kind of took me by surprise, but I guess it was to keep up with the relationship from the previous film.

Also, I found it incredibly strange that

 Halle Berry had little to do in the movie and then she took over Whiskey's spot.  I totally assumed she was going to accompany Whiskey and kill him or at least help out so that her taking over his spot was justified.

Julianne Moore was a so-so villain.  I'll definitely buy it on bluray because I like to be a completist in some ways, but it doesn't have the rewatchability the first one has.

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