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Man of Tomorrow: A Man of Steel and Batman V Superman FanEdit:
Man of Tomorrow: A Man of Steel and Batman V Superman FanEdit:

JobWillin's pitch about a movie condensing both worlds is a really interesting thing, I am a huge Superman fan and would consider any way of watching him unfold. The beginning of the movie really grabbed me, the whole sequence of showing all of the Krypton destruction and Clark's parents sending him off as a brief montage really got me excited of how things were gonna progress in this fanedit, I congratulate this edit on the whole beginning sequence, it is a great way of showing the development, immediately the movie jumps in a development of clark in his new persona, cutting down a lot of material and toning down the violence in its way, I must say it was shown in a good way but felt too fast, I did not get a sense of who the character and the color difference of the jump to BvS really felt different for me. It was a good way to interpret all this footage.


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