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Video editors with future 4K UHD (and HDR) potential?
Now that 4K Ultra-HD discs are being released to the public, it's only a matter of time until they become the new standard. Not only do they feature a higher resolution, but they also have a feature known as HDR (high dynamic range), which apparently presents color on a level far better than that allowed by any previous digital technology available to the public. This brings up a number of questions regarding the future of 4K in fanediting. The most pressing question is whether it's currently possible to create an edit in 1080p, then later recreate the same edit in 4K and HDR without starting from scratch.

As many of you know, there's a method of video editing in which an SD (such as 480p) file is imported into an editing software's timeline, all edits are made and previewed with it, and it is then replaced with a HD file (such as 1080p) at one of the last steps in the process before encoding the final output file. Although all edits were made with the small file in the timeline, the changes are saved by the editor and automatically applied to the HD file when it is used to replace the SD file.

Is there any video editing software that can currently be used to edit a standard 1080p Blu-ray movie, but which could, years down the line, be used to recreate the fanedit in 4K and HDR simply by opening the old project files and replacing the original 1080p file with a 4K one?
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Oh, man, thinking about a 2-terabyte project file gives me the storage heebies.

Final Cut Pro should be able to allow for such substitution. Both FCP and iMovie can handle 4K at present, though I don't know if the latter allows for easy replacement of source video.

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