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Sony's ''Clean Version'' [Sanitized Movies]
(06-07-2017, 11:57 AM)dangermouse Wrote: This is brilliant. Nice to watch movies as a family without the *awkward* moments. :-)
Yes, this would be one of the few good reasons (the other being convenience) to use the studios' streaming service. Sure, they could turn it off whenever they want to, but in the mean time you can watch the movies with kids that all of their friends at school all already talking about. And without fast-forwarding, covering eyes, or explaining situations. 

I guess this may be what the studios were waiting on - the opportunity to monetize the already existing airplane edits. In the past, movie studios have sued companies that try to profit from releasing sanitized edits. CleanFlicks (2000-2006) rented sanitized copies of DVDs while storing the unedited copies in the rental store. VidAngel (2014-2016) streamed sanitized edits while holding an unedited DVD for every stream. Both of these continued past their death-by-lawsuit date, but they essentially had to change their business models to the extent that they lost all of their appeal. ClearPlay seemed to avoid the same fate by making its own line of DVD players that mute and skip a regular DVD according to a data file that can be downloaded from their website. 

Of course, a separate topic is whether sanitizing (or bowlderizing) of a film decreases its artistic merit, violates the author's intent, or prevents it from being challenging and thought-provoking to its viewers.

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