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Sony's ''Clean Version'' [Sanitized Movies]
Quote:available at no additional charge as one of the “extras”

That's the part I care about. If this quote was different, I would foresee a repeat of a problem that hasn't been around since "Full-Screen" 4:3 DVDs and TVs went out of style. That problem was that there were often two versions of a movie, one being the original release, and another being an edited version. Not a problem if you know what you're buying, but a big problem when it came to gifts. For example, not THAT long ago (but still years ago), I was gifted a "full screen" pan and scan version of The Dark Knight. It remains in its cellophane shrink-wrap to this day. Thankfully these censored versions are not being sold separately so the same mistake can't be repeated on a wide scale.
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