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beware—makemkv as probable source of crashes
for some reason, pavtube didn't recognize a german blu-ray that i purchased for a fanediting project. so i used the mac version of makemkv to turn the .mt file into an mkv, after which i could convert it into a prores .mov file.

a couple weeks later, the crashes started happening.

initially, the crashes seemed to happen when i used final cut pro. then the crashes started happening whenever, sometimes after hours of computer use, sometimes as the mac was trying to start up. it would crash fucking 20 times a day, if i tried that often to restart.

tried all sorts of maneuvers to make the crashes go away: updated the system, updated FCP (which i thought was the source), ran disk repair, loaded up the computer in recovery mode, even reinstalled the OS, zapped the NVRAM, deleted all sorts of preferences. . . and the crashes kept happening. apple support tried their best with the usual recommendations, but none of those helped.

finally i remembered that i installed makemkv before the crashes started. deleted makemkv. crashes didn't go away.

then i dug deeper into the mac os library, where i found a few remnant files associated with makemkv, mostly preference files. once i trashed those, the crashes have gone away. . . so far. (after all those crashes, i've been conditioned to expect groan-inducing crashes whenever. i lived in fear, haha.) i can finally use FCP again.

so mac users, beware of makemkv. did makemkv fuck with my finder preferences, so that even when not using makemkv, my finder got confused and developed kernel panics? not sure, given the zillions of possibilities, but seems possible.
YIKES! I have been having trouble with my MakeMKV program lately. I've been using MovieRescuer and had good results.

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