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X-Men: Dark Phoenix
(02-28-2019, 05:36 AM)Masirimso17 Wrote: By the way, whatever happened to “New Mutants”?

Sounds like the movie is trapped in post-production hell.  Scheduled reshoots never happened.  It might go directly to On-Demand streaming?

"... let's go exploring!" -- CALVIN.
Sidebar about New Mutants:

Whenever I hear that anything was just fine with a movie until some other movie got released, and then suddenly the studio wants to turn their film into a clone of the other one (in this case wanting New Mutants to become It), I just wanna slap the people at the studio. Can't a movie be good on its own terms? Has retrofitting the movie after it's complete ever resulted in greater success or acclaim for the film?

Second sidebar:

I called this one back in 2017 when the merger was announced: It doesn't matter how popular or acclaimed Legion is; once Marvel brings the X-Men franchise in-house, everything from the previous regime is getting canned. And now it's been confirmed. Series creator Noah Howley is trying to be diplomatic, but I don't buy his claim that he never intended for the show to run beyond seasons. A show needs 100 episodes to get into syndicated reruns, and this show is nowhere near that. 

It's only a matter of time for The Gifted.
Trailer #3:

Courage, men! we've not sunk before, and we'll not sink now!
Well that was gppd. I’m unsure about all the “Jean! No!” shouting and the actor direction as a whole. 
The cinematography look very good.
That new international trailer finally got me pumped for this! Fingers crossed it's a fitting end to the Fox chapter of X-Men movies. 
Really hope Tye Sheridan doesn't simply yell "JEAN" the whole time. At least he has something to do though. Cyclops was my favorite character as a child and it seemed ridiculous to me that they cut him out of the phoenix saga the first go round. Wolverine desperately needed more screen time though so...
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TomH1138 Wrote:A show needs 100 episodes to get into syndicated reruns, and this show is nowhere near that.

Syndicated reruns? What year is this?
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(03-06-2019, 02:43 PM)asterixsmeagol Wrote:
TomH1138 Wrote:A show needs 100 episodes to get into syndicated reruns, and this show is nowhere near that.

Syndicated reruns? What year is this?

Yeah, the idea of a show needed 100 episodes has been dead for a while.  With the rise of Netflix and cable shows as a whole that old philosophy is essentially dead, except maybe for network sitcoms which Legion is most certainly not.
(03-06-2019, 02:43 PM)asterixsmeagol Wrote: Syndicated reruns? What year is this?

Someone else questioned that when I mentioned it on my FB page. If this was being produced directly for streaming, I wouldn't have even brought it up, but I would think that network and cable TV offerings still depend on reruns, at least to some degree.

Sometimes series end early by the creators' design, but I still have a hard time believing that the studio and the network agreed that -- regardless of how popular and acclaimed the series was at the time -- the show would end in just 3 years. More likely, the series creator would move on after Season 3 and the studio would hire a new show runner...unless there are other outside factors, such as the Disney-Fox merger bringing an end to X-Men related fare originally created by and for Fox.
It's also worth mentioning that Hawley runs a whole other show, Fargo. Season 3 was in 2017, then he focused on Legion, now Legion is ending and Fargo season 4 is coming. Also, he wrote a novel a couple years ago. Dude is busy. 

Things can be two things, so it might also be related to the Disney thing, but it could be unrelated.
Fair enough, Cuddly Ninja! You made some good points that I didn't know about.

Also, since this discussion began, I found out that The Gifted tanked in the ratings in its second season, so a third season is unlikely regardless of the Disney deal.

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