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New Guidelines For Fanedit Reddit Communities
Some of us  have been known to use this reddit so I thought this was important to bring up. There's been a recent revisining of the community guideline rules. No direct sharing of streams or links to full-length movies used for editing purposes.

Apparently one reddit community has already been shut down due to these rule violations.

Just an FYI, fanedit.org doesn't have an official Reddit community. Not sure if that's what you were implying but just wanted it to be clear.
Oh no worries, I wasn't implying that, I just said I knew members from here that used that reddit community

I've fixed my post to be more precise.
Additional rules:

-You can announce your edits, but you need to only make them availible through the discord chat server (thier faneditreviews section)
-Announcement threads on the main reddit page have to include clips or screencaps in the descriptions
And now the reddit page is invite-only.
I just saw that they made it private yesterday. I honestly didn't really see the point of it beyond posting a link to a trailer. I'm not much of a reddit person and don't understand its format though.
Reddit users had to use the Discquss chat server after the ban came on using the reddit to post full edits, but the traffic was very slow on it whenever I went there...not a whole lot of people posting.
(06-30-2017, 05:08 AM)DigModiFicaTion Wrote: I'm not much of a reddit person and don't understand its format though.

I loathe their format and refuse to read it.
Now it appears the Fanedit reddit page is gone entirely. All I can find now is the Fe.Org version [I did'nt even know we had one], which hasn't been updated in months and lacks a disquss chat server where edits can be shared.
One less other fanediting community to detract my focus and energy from all you fine folk Wink

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