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Daft Punk Tron:Legacy Sync
So, it's a somewhat old news now, and I only stumbled across it because I am working on my own FanEdit/Sync combining the visuals of Tron: Uprising with the Soundtrack of Tron: Legacy, but I came across this article about a sync of Tron: Legacy and Daft Punk's Random Access Memories and I didn't see mention of it anywhere on FanEdit so I thought I'd share:

NerdReactor article

Original Source Site

Video Link

I thought it was a pretty good sync and being a huge Daft Punk fan I immediately added it to my collection!

I even made a Plex poster for it Tongue

[Image: Random%20Access%20Legacy_zpshymkezte.jpg]
I don't get this.  I skipped around and it just seems to be the album played over the movie.  What am I missing?
(03-23-2017, 10:06 PM)TVs Frink Wrote: I don't get this.  I skipped around and it just seems to be the album played over the movie.  What am I missing?

That's pretty much it. Movie Syncs are basically movies matched with music that sync up well to them. If you've never checked out the Darkside of Oz, there's a sync track on A Digital Man's Extended Edition (found here). It's not often that a movie and an album sync up extremely well, but I thought this was pretty darn good. As mentioned in the article:

Some notable scenes include:
• Within at 00:18:42
• Instant Crush at 00:22:49
• Beyond at 00:48:50
• Contact at 1:08:13
• Give Life Back to Music at 1:14:33
• Touch at 1:48:53
• Get Lucky at 1:57:14

If you skip around you probably won't catch the sync. Smile
It's not everyone's cup of tea.

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