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Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 'Faster, More Intense':
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 'Faster, More Intense':

This is the best edit I've seen so far of EP I. I absolutely recommend it =). You were able to bring out the best of all the other edits (my congrats to the other editors, which I esteem and like their works as well).

- The senate audition should have remained untouched because the original is very good, more formal and bureaucratic, further demonstrating the corruption and stalling of the senate's bureaucrats and would avoid that in one frame we see Mas Amedda and Sei Taria seated and suddenly in the next frame Amidala appears (too fast) and they are on their feet.
- You should have left Amidala's confrontation with Nute Gunray untouched. When we see them again Amidala and their soldiers suddenly defeated the droids. It was trimmed too much, I think.

The rest is perfect. Unless Adywan comes up with something better, this will be my "how it should be" version of EP I. =)
Good work friend =).


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