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Ghostbusters III:
Ghostbusters III:

I was really curious to check this edit out, since Ghostbusters (2016) was among my least favourite films of the year. Happy to report that TM2YC has performed some sort of miraculous feat of fanediting magic and turned it into an enjoyable film. The added material works extremely well (although I did feel the pacing was a tad sluggish at times), and anchoring the characters so that they are not ALL trying to be funny one all the time worked really well.

Highlights included hearing the Ghostbusters theme properly as the girls went into action, and toning down some of the more egregious stupidity of the original release. Here's looking at you, Bill Murray. I would have liked even more of Kevin's idiocy cut out, but it didn't ruin the enjoyment of the movie.

I can say with certainty that this is the only version of this film I will ever watch in future.


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