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John Wick: Point Blank Cut:
John Wick: Point Blank Cut:

As with all TM2YC edits, the AV quality and editing are top-notch.

The changes are all executed seamlessly, and for me at least make for an improved experience over the original film. I watched the B&W version and I think it works really well. It's the trims to maintain pace that make this edit stand out for me.

The best parts of John Wick are the action scenes - but the original cut has a bit too much flab to show them off at their best. There are some ropey lines and humour that falls flat, so the film is better served by excising them and shifting the focus.

Along the way, TM2YC manages to also address a couple of minor irritations in the film - namely John leaving Perkins alive after she tries to kill him (for no good reason, save maybe an implied "he doesn't like killing women" notion) and Vigo somehow being able to go the distance in a hand to hand fight with John.

The end result is a much tighter version of the same story - the characters don't have much depth, and the story is simple, but both statements are also true of the original cut. Minor issues still exist in the film (like all the assassins constantly going on about how they follow a code of honour, which they all appear to break in the course of the film) but they are all down to the original script.

Specific praise is also due for the effort put into the subtitling - the original styling had some nice flair, but not quite enough to justify its presence (unlike, say, the amazing animated subtitles in Night Watch) so the new classic-style subtitles along with the added and tweaked dialogue helps bring a consistency to the film.

TM2YC's intention for this edit was to create an alternate viewing experience, and in that he has been very successful. For me at least, he has created a replacement version of the film that means I will most likely not watch the theatrical cut again.


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