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Looks fun and exciting! 

Of course, it raises questions (Are these spoilers if the moments are in the trailer? Well, I'll put the tags around it anyway for now, since I'm also mentioning moments in other Terminator movies and deleted scenes):

1) Who's the new young woman who's apparently part robot, and more to the point, why is she now the new hope for humanity instead of John Connor? And where is he? (Mind you, the movies haven't really gotten John right once yet, so I can't complain too much.)

2) Which films is it keeping continuity with? Cameron said that he loved Genesys and considered it the true third film in the series, but it wreaked havoc on the timeline, and it was another critical and box-office disappointment. I'm guessing that, once again, Terminator 1 and 2 are canon, and everything else is being disregarded.

3) What's with the old Arnie? Is this another case like in Genesys, where a Terminator was sent back ages ago and has lived a really long time at this point, being reprogrammed to help Sarah? But then it looks like he's living in a house. There was a deleted scene from T3 where we saw a human soldier that became the basis for the robot models. Are they revisiting the idea? It's a gag in T3 where he has a silly country accent instead of Arnie's voice, but since it's only a deleted scene, they could discard that part of it, and still have Sarah become friends with a soldier who becomes the basis for the Terminators.

4) And, of course, the age-old question: What's the MPAA rating going to be? Mind you, my problems with Salvation and Genesys don't have anything to do with the PG-13 rating on each. But a lot of fans are going to be mad if the movie doesn't get an R, especially since they were promised an R for Genesys but it didn't happen anyway. Nonetheless, fans mostly got over their frustration with Venom not getting an R rating, turning it into a big hit. But in that case, there were no earlier R-rated Venom movies to compare it to. We've seen fans respond positively to movies that got a bump up in ratings (Star Wars going from PG to PG-13), but we've yet to see a franchise that went down in MPAA ratings and retained the favor of the fans. Frankly, I'd like to see if someone could actually pull it off.

Anyway, all just interesting things to think about. But I'm looking forward to this, especially

the return of Sarah Connor!

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