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(01-24-2017, 01:18 PM)hbenthow Wrote:
(01-23-2017, 05:36 PM)tipoc Wrote: I liked Genysis a lot even with it´s flaws. The problem is that Genysis was supposed to start a new trilogy. If I was the director and the producers I would make it like a movie to close the franchise and using all the nostalgia in the process. Things I would change:

- Cameo of Robert Patrick as the T-1000 instead the asian guy
- Cameo of Lance Henriksen (because in the new timeline he didn´t die in T1)
- Replace the character of JK Simmons with the character of the psychologist of T1 and T2 played by Earl Bowen. Now he will not to be a dick and will help the main characters like JK Simmons did.
- Replace Jay Courtney with another actor more similar to Michael Biehn. 
- Bring back Joe Morton as Dyson and not that actor they hired
- And cameos of Bill Paxton and Brian Thompson as the punks (and they could use CGI to make them look younger)
- Use the scenes of T1 instead recreating all of them.

There´s a plot hole when Sarah and Kyle travels to 2019 because until then they didn´t have sex to make the baby John. It would be cool if Sarah made sex to him in a very mechanical way just to be impregnated. It would contrast with the scene in T1 where they made sex because they really loved each other.

It would be a movie to close the franchise and to celebrate it at the same time.

I like the concept behind "Terminator: Genisys".

"The Terminator" was about Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese fighting to save the original timeline so that things would happen the same way in the future, and humans would still win the war against Skynet. "Terminator 2" was about Sarah Connor, John Connor, and a benevolent Terminator deciding to prevent the war from even happening. "Genisys" moves this concept further, with Sarah Connor gaining knowledge of Skynet and deciding to prevent the war before ever getting impregnated with John, turning her fight against Skynet into a dual battle for humankind's future and her ability to live her life as she wants it, free of pre-determination. I think it was the perfect direction to end the franchise on (emphasis on end). I just think they messed up the execution.

In my opinion, the things that most needed changing are the following:

- No sequel-bait. End the movie with Skynet (and John Connor) prevented from existing, once and for all, and Sarah Connor free to live a normal, everyday life.

- Have the new timeline of the movie come to exist in a way that's consistent with the first two movies. In the movie as-is, Kyle Reese is going through the time machine just like in the original, when something suddenly goes awry, changing the timeline. But this makes no sense, because it happens in the same timeframe that Kyle's transport to the past happened in the original, so everything should have happened the same as before. 

- Better casting. First of all, I have no idea how anyone thought it was a good idea to cast Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese. It's one of the worst pieces of miscasting in years. The perfect actor for the role would have been Sebastian Stan, who not only physically resembles Michael Biehn, but is also brilliant at playing war-weary, raggedy fighters. As for Emilia Clarke, she would have been perfect for a 1970s teenage version of Sarah Connor (which is what I had thought she was playing when I first saw the trailer), but she looks too baby-faced for a 1984 Sarah Connor. (I know that Emilia Clarke was about the same age when she played Sarah Connor as Linda Hamilton was when she was in the original, but she didn't look it.) Also, putting aside looks, the version of Sarah Connor that she is playing has been trained for years by "Pops", so she's supposed to be seasoned and tough. Emilia Clarke tries to act tough in the role, but she isn't too convincing in my opinion. I think Hayley Atwell would have been a good choice. She has just barely enough of a facial resemblance to Linda Hamilton to pull it off with the right makeup, looked close enough, age-wise, to how Linda Hamilton looked in the original at the time "Genisys" was made, and could definitely pull off the toughness aspect of the character.

I perrrrrfectly agree!

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