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Interesting and unusual DVD/Blu-Ray releases (News)
(11-07-2018, 03:39 PM)Sinbad Wrote: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Red-Dwarf-Boxse...079FLRGZR/

Red Dwarf 1-8 due in January and a snip at £40 for all 8 BBC series, I do have all the DVDs though and much like the Hitchhiker's Guide set I'm dubious this will look any better than the SD version. Will definitely wait for reviews before taking the plunge.

I don't own any Red Dwarf on current post-VHS formats, so if this is stuffed with all the plethora of extras from previous releases, the George Lucas-ed CGI changes are switch-off-able and it's in the slim case pictured I might get a copy of this. Including the hilariously awful US pilot shows would be a nice new bonus.

[Image: 61Lx8ahVfZL._SX342_.jpg]

Thankfully Dennis Hopper's 'The Last Movie' is getting a European release on the Indicator label in January. Cheaper than importing the new US Arbelos release but the artwork isn't as nice IMO.


[Image: 717lM1F1oGL._SY445_.jpg]

I've been on a Dario Aregento binge but was finding a decent copy of 'Opera' (with English + Italian audio/English subs etc) hard to locate. So it was nice to see today that Cult-Films are releasing it in January (I've got their very nice 'Suspiria' blu-ray).


[Image: 815nWplpzjL._SX385_.jpg]

Europe will have to wait 5/6 weeks longer but David Byrne's 'True Stories' is coming to Region-B on Criterion as well. I was not looking forward to buying this on expensive import. Yay.


[Image: 71EBi6YpdvL._SX385_.jpg]

I've already got Criterion's 2-disc 'Othello' Blu-ray on Region-A but it will be coming to Region-B in a couple of weeks (with all the same content including 2-cuts of the film). Can't recommend it enough.

[Image: horrorofdraculabrd_lg.jpg]

Region A release of Horror of Dracula, finally!
“After a time, you may find that having, is not so pleasing a thing after all, as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true.” - Spock
[Image: 813d03eSTUL._SY500_.jpg]

Whoa this new German 'Das Boot: Complete Edition' really is complete:


8-discs total. You get the short Theatrical Cut, the extended Director's Cut and the super long TV-Cut, spread over 5x 50GB blu-rays. Plus the soundtrack CD and 2 CDs with the audio-book (and a 24-page booklet). English and German 5.1/2.0 audio and subtitle options.

I've already got the 3 versions of the film but I'm still tempted Big Grin .
The Red Dwarf Series 1-8 remastered blu-rays are released in the UK next Monday, eagerly awaiting a review on these to see if its worth the upgrade


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