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Interesting and unusual DVD/Blu-Ray releases (News)
(11-03-2017, 02:19 PM)Plissken1138 Wrote: Dennis Hopper's 1971 cult classic "The Last Movie" to get 4K restoration and theatrical/Blu-ray release in 2018.

I'd never have thought this lost gem would land 4K restoration and Blu-ray.

^ Nice, I've wanted to see that ever since I read about it.

Oliver Stone's incredible war-movie 'Salvador' is getting a Masters of Cinema release in September:


[Image: 91F18VRgNQL._SX425_.jpg]

I'm glad I never imported the old OOP and expensive Twilight Time blu-ray from the US.

Arrow are putting out two late 80s/early 90s stone-cold Horror-classics later in the year from new 4K scans. They were both constant VHS rentals and late-night-TV fodder at the time. They have long deserved decent extras-stuffed blu-ray releases. Yay!


[Image: 71Uj3P23ImL._SX466_.jpg]


[Image: 71JobOBIxyL._SX466_.jpg]
Surprised no one has mentioned this yet....

Perhaps the greatest American cartoon ever made is getting a remastered Blu Ray release!



Release date set for Oct 30th.
"... let's go exploring!" -- CALVIN.
Damn you, Bob. I was trying to resist pre-ordering this (down to less than $90 now) as the series is currently on Amazon Prime Video. But seeing the upgrade (it's only SD on Amazon), I may have to bite...
It's not the years. It's the mileage.
Some great releases coming up:

[Image: 81yRB2RgOiL._SX522_.jpg]

Once Upon A Time In China Trilogy (except it's actually got 4 movies in the set) on blu-ray. Nice to see Eureka! getting into releasing some of these old China/Japan/Hong Kong movies now. They lacked decent releases for so long and these are 4K scans. It's quite pricey though.

[Image: 51-iaRTclAL.jpg]

Troll: The Complete Collection blu-ray set. Both sh*tty movies plus the acclaimed documentary on 'Troll 2' (on blu-ray for the first time), for a low price I'd expect to pay for just the Doc.

[Image: 914ztFI77pL._SX522_.jpg]

Scorsese's 'The Last Waltz', his doc about The Band. One of the best music docs ever, for the first time on blu-ray outside the US. 2 audio commentaries included.

[Image: 29528113117_93732ebd5d_c.jpg]

Crimson Peak deluxe limited-edition blu-ray from Arrow films. One of Guillermo del Toro finest films. New feature-length making of doc. 80-page hardback concept design and interview book. Sweet.
Stumbled upon this and ordered last night....

Never heard of Twilight Time before, but I am guessing based on the bonus features, this is a repackaging of the blu-ray put by Arrow?

Anyway, grew up devouring THE DESTROYER novels in the 80s.  I my books, the best modern adventure series since the age of pulps in the 1930s and 40s.  Thus, I was ecstatic when a movie adaptation was announced in 84-85.   While the movie lacked much of the political and social satire of the novels, it was still a fun, if not flawed (the villain/threat is absolutely boring) movie.

Unfortunately, the film was not the box office success producers hoped for and any dreams of a Bond-like franchise (the movie was directed by Guy Hamilton) were dashed.  A tv pilot sequel was produced (easily found on Youtube) but never picked up.  A few years ago, Shane Black announced he was going to do a Destroyer movie, but nothing thus far has materialized.

The movie has never had a decent North American release.   The previous dvds were disappointing, as the aspect ratio and colouring were wrong and zero bonus features.  I heard great reviews of the Arrow release and the Twilight Time reviews sound identical.   So I am pretty excited for this blu-ray!   Big Grin
"... let's go exploring!" -- CALVIN.
TM2YC Wrote:[Image: 51-iaRTclAL.jpg]

Troll: The Complete Collection blu-ray set. Both sh*tty movies plus the acclaimed documentary on 'Troll 2' (on blu-ray for the first time), for a low price I'd expect to pay for just the Doc.

This looks fantastic but is it a UK-only release? I can't find Best Worst Movie on Blu-ray here in the US. I don't really care about the unrelated Troll but a double feature of Troll 2 and the documentary would be great and if it comes with Troll that's fine.
(09-04-2018, 11:40 AM)asterixsmeagol Wrote: This looks fantastic but is it a UK-only release?

I think Eureka! video releases are almost always Region B locked, so yes.
"Complete Collection," huh?  Pfft.  There's two different Troll 3s, and neither is included!

Michael Powell's final feature film, 1969's 'Age of Consent' is being released on blu-ray for the first time by Indicator on the 19th of November. I think even the few old DVDs are out of print, so it's not been easy to see until now:


[Image: 44627964262_88e45502ea_z.jpg]

I've not seen it yet myself. Starring James Mason and a young Helen Mirren in her first major role. Both the censored/recut/rescored theatrical cut and the later Scorsese backed Director's Cut restoration are included, plus loads of other extras. Limited to 3000 copies.
For some reason the BBC is re-releasing the Hitchhiker's TV show on blu-ray in October (it was only shot on low quality videotape) but they are packaging the limited edition as a VHS:

[Image: 916RDb17NcL._SY679_.jpg]


Clearly using the actual old VHS cover as the basis. Meta.

[Image: 516MBHDEDDL.jpg]


Ken Russell's brilliantly campy Horror 'Lair of the White Worm' (featuring young Peter Capaldi and Hugh Grant) was released on blu-ray for the first time on Vestron video a few months back:

[Image: 91Y%2B3oRK7SL._SX522_.jpg]


I remember fellow faneditor dr.sapirstein made an HD version a while ago.


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