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Interesting and unusual DVD/Blu-Ray releases (News)

[Image: 81dh2HxpzyL._SL1500_.jpg]


4K scans and new commentaries on 3 films that are not as well known as his Dead stuff (Still no Martin Sad ).

Not so timely (because I just watched these recently Wink )...

[Image: 81oIayKUb3L._SL1500_.jpg]


Again new 4K scans. Usually they don't put all the best movies in the same boxset, so this a great package.

Another Harryhausen boxset from Indicator (Vol 1 of a series?)...

[Image: 813C9FbogZL._SX522_.jpg]


I picked up their Sinbad set recently and it's very nice.
I love Harryhausen's stop motion. My dad introduced me to his Sinbad ventures when I was young. I need to invest in those.
For anyone on the fence regarding Mask of the Phantasm's Blu-Ray: go for it.

I watched the 4:3 version.  It now includes a 30-second title card explaining the movie's production history and why this "TV version" exists.  Picture quality is excellent, and a massive improvement over the DVD.  Colors are vivid, with strong inky blacks for night and bright whites for the Joker's complexion.  Superb contrast.  The movie was remastered from the negative, as opposed to the original animation cells.  This means there's some dust, grain (no obvious signs of DNR), and a few shots that appear to be (unintentionally) out of focus.  Depending on your point of view, that means this is either faithful to the film making process, or a sub-optimal remaster.  Either way, this is the best the film has ever looked, and probably ever will.

Sound is a DTS stereo track.  Maybe it's just unclear memory on my part, but I think it sounded better than the DVD release.  Could be a higher bitrate or less compressed, perhaps.  The lack of a 5.1 remix is lamentable, but it sounded great in Pro Logic II with lots of channel separation.  The foreign language dubs present in DVD versions are absent, if that's a factor for you.  No foreign language subtitles, either.  The English captions are in all caps.  

Extras: Nope.  There's the trailer.  Menu's a static image of the poster (which I honestly prefer to spoilerific or overly lengthy animated menus anyway).  There isn't even a dedicated chapter select menu.  There's no easy way to swap between the two aspect ratios - selecting either from the menu will start the movie from the beginning.  I would imagine it'd have been easy to rig up angle-swapping between the two.  It'd have been interesting for comparison's sake, if nothing else.

This isn't the big celebratory extras-laden double dip the movie certainly deserves, but it's the best way to experience the movie to date.  If you're a fan of this one - or somehow haven't seen it yet and enjoy Batman in any capacity - go for it.
^ Sounds good. Hopefully a Region-B release is planned at some point.

A (possibly UK Tesco exclusive) "big-sleeve" edition of GOTG2...

[Image: 186093_front.jpg]

These Disney 12" gatefold releases really should come with some vinyl to make the idea work and this one finally does. A 3-track EP with The Hasselhoff track on the A-side. Tempting but the big price increase is putting me off.

[Image: THE_THING_SLIPCASE_UK_2D-932x1172.png]

This November Arrow release of 'The Thing' is described as being a...

"Brand new restoration from a 4K scan of the original negative, supervised and approved by director John Carpenter and director of photography Dean Cundey"

...some hopefully we'll finally get a version with correct colours and good detail. It also comes with the original mono-mix as an audio option and a new feature-length doc.

I think this may be an essential purchase Smile .
Mask of the Phantasm must have sold well, because Batman: The Animated Series is getting a Blu-Ray release in 2018!
(10-08-2017, 05:29 PM)matrixgrindhouse Wrote: Mask of the Phantasm must have sold well, because Batman: The Animated Series is getting a Blu-Ray release in 2018!

This will probably be North of $150. Maybe they'll do single seasons. Like the DVDs, that will probably be the only way I can get this.
Netflix's STRANGER THINGS is getting a very cool retro 80s style release....

[Image: 52823816_Alt01?wid=3000&qlt=70&fmt=pjpeg]

[Image: 52823816_Alt02?wid=3000&qlt=70&fmt=pjpeg]

Available exclusively through TARGET, both in store and online.

"... let's go exploring!" -- CALVIN.
^ I picked up a copy yesterday. I get the feeling that this is going to be the only way this show is released on physical media. Target has a an exclusive deal with Netflix for all things Stranger Things.

The package is a little larger than an actual VHS, because discs are wider, but overall it's a lot cooler than I expected. Here are a few pics:

[Image: AOcSCP3l.jpg]

[Image: XdSwIXLl.jpg]

and a size comparison to an actual VHS cassette:

[Image: FDQC9Bil.jpg]
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Okay, that's pretty cool. I may have to pick it up for the design alone.
(10-18-2017, 08:17 AM)ThrowgnCpr Wrote: The package is a little larger than an actual VHS, because discs are wider

I bet it's to prevent someone from putting it into a VCR and breaking it.

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