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Interesting and unusual DVD/Blu-Ray releases (News)
Here's another film I never thought would get a Blu-ray release.

[Image: EzHLCBjl22SE5gjampFrkpS7SCKJmA_large.jpg]
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^ Love that cover, the fonts in particular.

Howard the Duck is getting a UK blu-ray release on the '101 Black Label' series.

[Image: 817auql4K7L._SX522_.jpg]


I haven't seen it since I was 6 or 7? In fact I've never seen all of it because my parents turned it off when this happened:

[Image: 4437420_orig.jpg]

I'm curious to see what followed that scene Big Grin .
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^ HOWARD THE DUCK.... a movie I enjoy far more than any semi-intelligent person should. LOL

When I saw it in theatres in 1986, there were only 12 people in the entire theatre.  When the lights came up at the end credits, I was the only one still there....  Tongue
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"SILENT RUNNING is to be re-released on Blu-ray, in a retro VHS packaged, Limited Collector’s Edition, as a Zavvi EXCLUSIVE from 6 May 2019. Available to PRE-ORDER now" http://bit.ly/2HkVFFP
[Image: D1y_e0JX4AMGP_V.jpg]
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(03-14-2019, 02:44 PM)hbenthow Wrote: I find it interesting that the Blu-ray cover uses a green tint on Conrad Veidt's face (making his hair and eyebrows look green), and also uses purple (another color associated with the Joker). It seems as if they are trying to visually play up the Joker connection.

On closer inspection it actually says FLICKER ALLEY ...phew... Big Grin
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I have been re-watching the films of Astaire & Rogers over the last few months - i recently watched Shall we Dance and that could do with an upgrade..."Swing time" was on my film list to watch next Sunday but i think i will hold off now until the Criterion release (hopefully a UK release will coincide with the USA)

Im loving the Silent Running packaging. I already have the Eureka release but this looks tempting. I have often thought of rescoring an alternative version without the Joan Baez song. I love the song but i am tempted to add a bit of an instrumental in its place.

This is one for TM2YC

[Image: FuIQPYol.jpg]
^ I've got the Dogwoof DVD of that Welles Doc and it's great.

Recently announced for a June Criterion release is John Cameron Mitchell's Glam-Punk Musical 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch' (which I love). It's only taken 13-years for this film to get it's first blu-ray release anywhere in the world and it's a new 4K scan. Huzzah!

[Image: r6jMm8TJwfxzntIo63jl208R8pfXcA_small.jpg]


I'm getting this one for sure. Hope it's a Region-B release too but I'll import it if I have to.

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Richard Stanley's 1992 film 'Dust Devil' has been hard to come by. Released for one week in cinemas and then hacked down by the Weinsteins. Existing for many years on an expensive out-of-print USA DVD release. At last it's getting it's first blu-ray release in a nice German package in May:


[Image: 81ctKuOzhkL._SX425_.jpg]

As far as I can tell, using Google translate the features are something like:

- Blu-ray - The restored "final cut" (105 mins)
- DVD - Workprint (original cinema release I think?) (114 mins)
- DVD - The short Miramax cut (87? mins)
- DVD - Bonus features: Trailer, Interview with Richard Stanley, Interview with Marianne Sägebrecht, 16mm-Home videos, 3? bonus short documentaries by Richard Stanley, Picture Gallery
- CD - Soundtrack

A Director's commentary exists, so hopefully that is on there too. No conformation on it having English audio but that's probably safe to assume. It would've been nice to have all 3 cuts in HD but this is still great news.

Apocalypse Now ‘Final Cut’ Coming From Francis Ford Coppola


Lets hope this one doesn't have a green tint.  Wink
Wake up, and smell the ashes.
(04-04-2019, 02:10 PM)Junglist Paja Wrote: Apocalypse Now ‘Final Cut’ Coming From Francis Ford Coppola


Lets hope this one doesn't have a green tint.  Wink

That's not a "DVD/Blu-Ray release" but still exciting news. Hopefully it's got loads of new footage and not just a halfway house between the TC and Redux.

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