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DTS-HD Preservation
Okay thanks again Captain!
Concatenate is familiar to anyone who's had to use Excel text formulas! Although it can be replaced with the & (ampersand) symbol, which is easier. :-)
Didn't know the Latin origin, though. Cool!
(01-29-2017, 08:42 AM)dangermouse Wrote: Concatenate is familiar to anyone who's had to use Excel text formulas!

This was my first thought Smile
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Hi Captain

I have two transfers of the same film. The one has more opening titles than the other. I want to mux the one's audio to the video of the other's but obviously they're out of sync since the one starts later than the other. 

What would be the best way of calculating this delay? I know you can do it trial and error by ear and just fine tune the audio delay, but is there no exact method?

I'd really appreciate your help, thanks.
Stack them.  Find the first shot-change within the film proper, record the frame-numbers (pertaining to the stacked video) at which this occurs in both transfers, and subtract one from the other to calculate the delay.  That's one way.

Bear in mind that more than an initial delay might be required and that best is subjective.  In future, use the @+username function when addressing questions specifically to me: I rarely read through threads these days and clicked on this one only because I remembered posting in it.
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Captain Khajiit's Basic Guide to Decoding Video and Audio
Captain Khajiit's Quick Guide to Encoding a BD via the Command-line
Captain Khajiit's Basic Guide to Encoding with HCenc

For tech support, PM me (politely) or use the @+username function: I rarely read through threads these days.
@Captain Khajiit

Thanks a lot! I did exactly what you did, finding exact frame difference and it worked.

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