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Site Updates
Thank you guys for all the hard. I used Tapatalk daily but a bookmark to the mobile page will do nicely. In fact, I enjoy the theme so it's pretty cool (plus I can kill the tapatalk subscription).

Thanks for improving things, guys!
(01-26-2017, 04:26 PM)thecuddlyninja Wrote: Thank you guys for all the hard.

[Image: Yeah+stupid+pants+always+faking+my+boner...c00b97.png]

We aim to please.
We all have our quirks. I just can't get there without thinking about a misspelled 90s album name. BludSugaSexxMagic, Dooky, Dwonwrad Spiarl, MVT pluggged ni Nwe Yrok, Ed Al Suol iz Daed, Throwgn Cpr, etc
Legitimate LOL
FWIW it's happening on the mobile version of Chrome, too. I just got this phone yesterday so it's fresher than the Prince.
I've created a troubleshooting thread here. Let's move discussion of the white spaces there. Anyone who is experiencing this problem, we encourage you to post your answers so we can better troubleshoot.
Search and Private Message pages are now responsive. Will be fixing the search box background color later today.
This weekend we plan on migrating the site to an updated server, so during that time FE.org, IFDB, and the forums will be inaccessible.
Confused  what will I do this weekend?

Thank you all for your continual hard work to keep this community awesome.
Completed Edits
(PM for Links)
The site has been successfully migrated to the new server. The only outstanding issue is the login connection between the forums and IFDB isn't working. If you spot any other issues please report it in the Site Suggestions & Bugs forums.

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