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One of the most prolific and influential sci-fi and fantasy writers of the 20th century and top-notch crank Harlan Ellison passed away this week at age 84

^ The curse of Babylon 5 strikes again.
Musician Richard Swift dies of an undisclosed medical condition at the age of 41:


Very sad about this. A great and under-appreciated songwriter. I grew up listening to his solo stuff and he contributed to numerous projects by other artists I love.
Robby Müller, Cinematographer for Wim Wenders, Jim Jarmusch and Lars von Trier, Dead at 78
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I knew him best as Arjen Rudd's henchman Pieter Vorstedt in Lethal Weapon 2. 

Derrick O’Connor Dies at 77
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Clive King

[Image: Stig.pnghttp:]

Clive King Wrote:Barney and Lou have almost forgotten how they got back to the house that summer morning. They remember catching the pony, who was grazing peacefully on the hilltop, and riding back half-asleep, clitter-clatter through the empty lanes, with Stig walking beside them. And they remember falling into their beds, and waking very late on Midsummer Day Probably they agreed on the way back not to say anything about what had happened. Anyhow, what could they say?
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Claude Lanzmann, Director of 'Shoah'.

Jon Schnepp

[Image: 31323326_1531631084895216_r.jpeg]

Think what you want about "Collider videos" Jon Schnepp was always fun and interesting to listen to.

The first time I saw him was in this video, playing the mad scientist for Infectious Grooves with Ozzy.

I think a little music will be a good "Therapy" for this news...

"Always in motion is the future"
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Aww that's a shame. His 'The Death of Superman Lives' film was dope and I really enjoyed the enthusiasm of his comic book shopping videos too.

Stan Dragoti, Director of ‘Mr. Mom,’ ‘Love at First Bite,’ Dies at 85

My personal favorite of his is a 1972 oddity Dirty Little Billy with legendary Michael J. Pollard as Billy the Kid.
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