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Dune: The Alternative Edition Redux:
Dune: The Alternative Edition Redux:

Thank you spicediver for finally giving us a great version of this movie.

It was a great idea to break the movie into four 'books'. This version is so much more cohesive and flows from scene to scene much better than anything that has been presented thus far. There are a couple of hiccups but nothing that detracts from the overall experience. I use the word experience because watching any David Lynch movie is an experience more than anything else. Even though this is one of his more straightforward movies it still has some moments of oddness and very unique imagery that can only be associated with Lynch.

This will definitely be my go-to version from now on. It's just so much better than the other cuts. If you are a fan of Dune, or just curious, start with this version and forget about the rest. You won't need any other version. Well done and thank you again spicediver.


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