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Fanedit Streaming Site Shut Down by Disney and Fox
OK, so it's not the fanedits you're thinking of, but an interesting case nonetheless.

"...Sanitized Streaming Service..."

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haha, pirates calling themselves angels.
But now I have to watch nude robots in my Star Wars again!
I've wondered how the community felt about Vidangel. I think it is an intriguing idea. They attempted to make sure the studios got their money even when the studios nixed them when they tried to work with them.

I wonder if they offered filters only,  ala avi synth scripts or EDLs,  to those who owned the material first if that would be ok. It's similar to what we do here but instead of a finished edited product,  they re sharing an edit list that guides the personal viewing.

It's really a shame. There were tons of people that I knew using it that would never watch certain films otherwise. It's a lost chain of revenue for the system.

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