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SSJ’s The Sukaiwaka Fortress Wins September 2016 FEOTM
[Image: feotm-sept2016.jpg]

It came down to the wire, but SSJ took top honor this month winning FEOTM with The Sukaiwaka Fortress. If you’re not familiar with this edit, it’s about Star Wars, the prodigal son of The Hidden Fortress, coming home to Papa. Through the music of John Williams and numerous subtitle changes, The Hidden Fortress is transformed into a Star Wars experience.

[Image: 4684871.jpg]
Gracious, my bones are aching. Storm's coming on.
[Image: 267402_1.jpg]
Firstling attempt coming soon. i hope.
ladies & gentamicin: tenkyu. tenkyu berry mudge.

unrelated: check out the princess's elven eyebrows. kurosawa kept her pointy ears hidden throughout the film.
So Arwen is Leia? Mind-blowing stuff!
By the way, congrats ssj!
thanks, mus of danger!

it seems i'm the OB-GYN who delivered kurosawa & lucas's bastard child.

[Image: 139636855391435.jpg]

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