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Star Trek: Reunion:
Star Trek: Reunion:

Where to start?

TM2YC turns a severely slow-moving movie with good ideas into a tight, cerebral motion picture along the lines of 2001, a Space Odyssey (which ST MP was 'inspired' by) that continues the original Star Trek show, going in a new direction. The themes of dealing with change and becoming older (Kirk) works well with the theme of facing the unknown. Also gone are the distracting side plots such as the one with Ilia and the new Enterprise Captain (read for the cut list for full changes). Audiovisual wise, It was stunning, i was immersed in it completely, and this is probably the best looking version of the movie you'll get. The audio really gives it an unknown out of this vibe.
Recommended to all Star Trek fans, as TM2YC's version is the only movie to perfectly recreate the original Star Trek feel (Beyond was close, but was limited by modern blockbuster limitations) in my opinion. Also great for Sci-Fi fans who want to see a cerebral sci fi movie that reflects ideas from the 70s.


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