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Dark Knight Saga Recut, The - Part III:
Dark Knight Saga Recut, The - Part III:

I was so pumped to see The Dark Knight Rises when it was coming out in theaters, but after the surprisingly good Batman Begins and perfect classic The Dark Knight it seems Christopher Nolan was kind of tired of doing Batman movies and sort of half-assed it with TDKR. Bane was good but not as menacing as hinted to in the trailers and marketing campaign, Batman was barely in the movie all that much and even then just a shell of his former badassery, Matthew Modine's character was just a snarky, lame quip-throwing moron, and as a whole the movie just FELT longer than it's already long runtime-- a bad sign of a bloated mess.

Well njvc if I ever meet you I'm going to give you a HUGE high five! Wow, I was shocked just how a bunch of edits-- large and small-- could fix the biggest movie disappointment I've experienced in a LOOOONG time. Some logic points are solved and other elements tightened up, unnecessary dialogue has been trimmed and some characters speak less and indicate more with a look or their actions (that's called GOOD DIRECTION), and overall the movie is served better with less hokey acting, meandering subplots, and a more tragic ending. Well done, njvc! Your version has replaced my Nolan original Smile


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