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DigModiFicaTion's Custom Crawl Creator Template and Guide
^ no. you will have frame blending issues
TM2YC , have you tried using the time remapping tool? You may need to adjust your animation range due to the new speed, but I believe it will allow you to achieve the speed you are looking for.

The time remapping is like a ratio. You'll see that 100 vs 115 is relatively the same as it's only 1.15x slower. You can change the Old to something like 10 and the New to something like 20 which will create a 2x slower effect. Finding the right ratio of old frames to new frames should result in the speed you are wanting to achieve.

Here's another video that explains the concept.

p.s. if you find the magic ratio, please share Smile
^ Great thanks for the answers Smile . I've figured out how to do the timemapping but the next problem I've encountered is that when you slow down the crawl so it all arrives in frame at the correct time, it then reaches the top of screen ready to fade away waaaaay too late.

So if I'm wrapping my brain around this correctly, the crawl moves away from us the viewer exponentially. Or maybe it's the lens used to film the crawl that creates this effect. I don't know much about lenses though. I'm going to try adjusting the focal length of the blender lens and see what happens???
(04-10-2018, 07:24 PM)DigModiFicaTion Wrote: What was the magic Old # to New #? Also, did you want the text to fade early or all together?

I wasn't sure what you meant at first. You mean in blender? Controlling when and how the crawl fades away was something I prefer to do in Vegas anyway. It's easier to tweak and control this when I've got the crawl in my timeline with the music and starfield/pandown etc.

As for the "time remapping" I found that '100/125' was the best setting to get a crawl that was similar in timing to how it should be at the point the crawl fills the screen and the point it reaches the top. However, I've discovered the original crawl does not move at a consistent speed, it recedes at an exponential rate, making it impossible to match the exact correct timing by time remapping alone. I'll have to do a comparison video to demonstrate this effect.
I think the video I posted in your thread demonstrated that speed pickup at the end. Kind of shocking. I too do the fade out stuff in Vegas. I was wondering if the text was disappearing in the blender field. It does that at a certain distance and I thought maybe I could extended the time it stays there before literally blinking out.
Thanks for the heads up on the 100/125 remapping Smile
I'm testing this out on a Mac OS 10.14.6 and everything was going okay until I got to edit the body text.
For some reason Blender continues to crash when I press the "Select Text" button in the right column, under "Body".

Does anybody know how I can do this otherwise? Maybe using the keyboard as alternative? I looked up on the internet but couldn't find anything.

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