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Holy Rusted Metal, UK Batman Forever
I am aware the original UK releases of Batman Forever were mostly censored originally to tone down some of the violence which is why some copies in the UK have a runtime of 115 minutes instead of 121/122 in the US or later UK bluray releases.

However, I have heard a few times from fans, that the UK version of Batman Forever has an additional line after when Robin say the "Holy Rusted Metal Batman....  the ground full of holes, you know, holey. " 

The version we are mostly familiar with, Batman just says "Oh" However in the original script as well as a few folks online have claimed the following line was also recorded and released at one point after "holey" where Batman says: "This place was a refueling station for subs during the war..." instead of just "oh"

Now some fans will say this line is annoying some will think it's acceptable to give recognition to old series. 

Regardless, I am trying to confirm whether or not this original line from the script was indeed actually recorded and/or released for another country release of Batman Forever. I have tried the UK DVDs, the UK Blurays and Steelbook, Australia DVD and whether I review any 122 runtime releases (or even some marked as 121 also) or the original 115 UK runtime release, I still have yet to hear this line which makes me believe it was never really truly released in the UK unless somebody can confirm they heard it in the theater originally or it's on the UK VHS which I have not reviewed.

As a fan of the movie and aware of most of the deleted scenes (both unreleased and later released) - this scene is the only one that is still a mystery that I am trying to find some evidence or rumor control....

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