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Poll: What Was Your Favorite Edit of July 2016?
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Dragon Ball Recut by TheMilkManConspiracy
4 17.39%
Jurassic World: Blockbuster Edition by Ironman23
7 30.43%
Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens: Restructured by HAL 9000
12 52.17%
Total 23 vote(s) 100%
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Vote for July 2016 FEOTM
Hal9000 most certainly logged in since last January, he posted his own thread in July for the restructured edit. He responds to PM's (which I've had success during August at getting responses).
Hello there. I'm not on here as much as on OT.com, but I do occasionally post updates and I do respond to PMs. Don't be shy to reach out.
I'd really like to check out the Jurassic World if I hadn't already had to sit through the movie three times.

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I know I've made some very poor decisions recently.
Congratulations ironman23, and thank you to the community for so many votes.  29 participants is outstanding!
(09-05-2016, 03:19 PM)TVs Frink Wrote: Congratulations ironman23, and thank you to the community for so many votes.  29 participants is outstanding!

Indeed, thank you to everyone, no matter who you are for the amazing response and feedback Smile I'm honestly surprised I won tbh.
Completed Edits:  Jurassic World: Blockbuster Edition Star Trek: Seeds of Wrath (an Into Darkness fanfix) The Lost World Jurassic Park: Reinvigorated / Star Wars: The Force Awakens/ Fant4stic: The Unaired TV Pilot

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Congrats, 23rd man of iron!

(Enjoyed your edit. Will write a review when I have some free moments.)
Awesome! Hopefully we see those numbers persist in future polls.
It has come to our attention that during the July 2016 FEOTM poll, a large number of sock accounts were created and used by ironman23 resulting in their winning the monthly poll. The creation of sock accounts violates site rules as does voting for one's self in the FEOTM poll. FEOTM polls are and will remain a representation of the community's choice. As such, the un-compromised results indicate that the community voted Hal9000's Star Wars - The Force Awakens: Restructured as the true Favorite Edit of the Month. We wish to retroactively congratulate Hal9000 on winning this award.

As a public notice, please know that future violations of the no multiple account rule as well as voting for one's self in the FEOTM poll will result in infractions and possible bans. It is not our intent to discourage or reprimand, but rather preserve the opportunity for aspiring editors to work hard on their skills and to be able to receive recognition of their growth from their peers. Thank you for your ongoing support of the growth and integrity of this community. If there are any questions about these or other rules, please PM a staff member. Thanks!

Again, congratulations Hal9000!
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