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Hardcore Henry

Man, did I love this movie. Over the top gratuitous violence, mind numbingly stupid and a ton of fun. It's a hundred times more ridiculous than the trailer paints it to be. Highly recommended for any action film fans.
I liked it, didn't love it. The concept was brilliant and handled extremely well. But it kind of gave me a headache. All in all I recommend it.
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Obviously the story was crap and paper thin, but who cares? Some of the humor was so juvenile, but who cares?

This was some of the best stunt work I have seen, and for that reason it was a great experience.
Fun movie. When I went to see it, there was an old couple sitting in front of me. They walked out during the opening credits.
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Gosh, I didn’t like this film.  I mean, in theory, I actually loved the idea, and with a good script, I thought it could have been quite stunning and new and fresh and all!  But, in the end, gratuitious violence isn’t for me.  Finally, I would love to see the concept brought up again on greater foundations!
This movie is shot as some kind of video game
The violence is fun, nothing more but it is what NEGLIFY says it could be that it gives you a headache
That constantly moving camera is too much and at some point it was enough for me
So watch this a second time, i don't think so...
I had mid-tier hopes for this but ended up not really liking it at all.

It reminds me of those longplays of games like mirror's edge or battlefield. Shame because I really liked the short that the whole project originated from.
I loved this movie.  It was exactly what it set out to be.  I loved the conceit of the story, which was a classic sci-fi manipulation.  I could've done with a bit more backstory explanation for the villain, but it wasn't that kind of movie.  It's been a couple years, and still nobody has done a movie quite like this.  Originality that doesn't just equal a director's self-indulgence is such a rarity.
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