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It's fine.  Smile 

I'll try and find more of these as the old ones now really are out of date.
I got the latest four added. I'll look at getting the others added soon unless Throw beats me to it.
Awesome! Thanks, Q2.
Rise of the Rebellion
[Image: rotr-slider.png]

Heir to the Force
[Image: httf-slider.png]
Frank TJ Mackey

[Image: 28787397297_eea0d30c38.jpg][url=https://flic.kr/p/KRQWha][/url]
Forgot about these.

Batman: The Animated Series - Mask of the Phantasm: TV Cut
[Image: motp-slider.png]

Shipwrecked: The Adventures of Håkon Håkonsen
[Image: sipwrecked-slider.png]
Didn't even know this thread existed... I best get some screenshots together!
[size=x-small][font=Times New Roman]"I live in the Tower of Flints. [font=Times New Roman]I am the death-owl."[/font][/font][/size]

[font=Georgia][size=xx-small]COMPLETED: The Gill-man: B+ Movie Edition // Muppet Christmas Carol: The Scribbling Cut // Source Code: Version 1.2 // The Incredible Shrinking Man: B+ Movie Edition [/size][/font]
[font=Georgia][size=xx-small]ITW:  Perfect Dream (Animation Consecution) // The Gill-man: Silent Jaws Edition // The Hidden: B+ Movie Edition // The Ledzeppership of The Rings[/size][/font]
[size=xx-small][font=Georgia]IDEAS: Thread // B+ Movie Series[/font][/size]

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