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Fanedit.org 4.0 slider
I meant to put out a call for this a while ago, but never got around to it with everything else going on with the new website. Anyway, you're probably noticed that there is a slider pinned to the front page of Fanedit.org. This is an opportunity for us to advertise edits, and we want to be able to update this with as little effort as possible to keep the site dynamic. To help accomplish that, we've built a slider that features a simple screenshot and text that is built into the app (not photoshopped onto the image).

Use this space to post images for your fanedit. The screenshot needs to meet the following requirements:
  • 355x200 pixels
  • no overlays or design work. just a frame from the edit
  • be simplistic enough to allow for us to place a text overlay with the edit title and editor name (notice in the examples below that there is usually some open space in a quadrant of the frame)

^ That's it!  Here are some examples:

Murder House  (by thecuddlyninja):

[Image: slider_murderhouse.jpg]

X-Files: I Want to Believe (by ThrowgnCpr):
[Image: slider_xfilesiwtb.jpg]

THX 1138 hybrid (by TM2YC):
[Image: slider_thxhybrid.jpg]

Simian Flu (by Uncanny Antman):
[Image: slider_simianflu.jpg]

Godsmacked (by ssj):
[Image: slider_godsmacked.jpg]

^these were all edits I happened to have on my hard drive when we built the site. Let's get some diversity on the front page!
The Hand of the King Slider 
[Image: 28720927225_2699be5b0f.jpg]

Independence Day: No Family Edition Slider
[Image: 28643197591_2627679bc9.jpg]

Natural Born Killers: The Tarantino Cut Slider
[Image: 28615085402_b107210fed.jpg]

The Bride in Black Slider
[Image: 28720927105_c1bc2dfdb6.jpg]

The Man with Fire on his Face Slider
[Image: 28643197071_4edbb190a0.jpg]

Turing Test Slider
[Image: 28643196981_12f40344d9.jpg]

EDIT: The Bride in Black one may not have enough space and/or clash with other writing so let me know if you want me to pick a different frame.
I was surprised it took this long for anyone to jump in.  They all look great, except:

(08-02-2016, 08:56 AM)thecuddlyninja Wrote: The Bride in Black Slider
[Image: 28720927105_c1bc2dfdb6.jpg]

EDIT: The Bride in Black one may not have enough space and/or clash with other writing so let me know if you want me to pick a different frame.

yeah... Something with a little more open space, and preferably not with any letters.  Otherwise, these are just what I was looking for. I'll have them all added soon.  Thanks Smile

Here's a better one for Bride in Black, anyway IMO:
[Image: 28104177744_24863fc470.jpg]

[Image: guns-replaced-thumbs-up-3.jpg]
[Image: 54ea8f0e42445_-_03_crab-cake-tavern-17-sliders-2.jpg]
where's my bean burger slider?
holla'd @ the kitchen. gotchu deze.
[Image: black-bean-sliders_19.jpg]
[Image: dep9z.gif]
I think this is a nice idea.
So this is the first one from me:

The Ultra Violence slider:

[Image: 6Kjp69k.jpg]

Back in my place next week there is more to come

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