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2017 Movies
(02-08-2017, 08:52 AM)bionicbob Wrote: I have not seen Shin Godzilla yet, hopefully it gets a Region 1 blu ray release sooner rather than later.

Funmation has the rights, and they typically release several months after the TOHO edition in Japan. The TOHO blu-rays are coming out next month, so I wouldn't expect a North American release until late this year. TOHO has some cool special editions planned, but to my knowledge, none of them have English subtitles. So, it looks like we wait...
Coming to blu ray this year from Mill Creek...

Before there was a hobo with a shotgun, 

There was a hobo with a sword....

I love this movie!  Big Grin
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anyone else see a trailer for Guardians (Russian translation) ?

[Image: zaschitniki-poster.jpg]

here's the trailer, i'll embed it later.


it looks, well, interesting and fun.  certainly no worse than what Hollywood force feeds us.
(of course one of them is a bear !)                         

edit: (crap, where did my poster go?  /\  oh well, the link still works.)
Firstling attempt coming soon. i hope.
I'll collect my thoughts later, but John Wick 2 is a must watch for any action fan.  Unless you loathed the first movie for some reason, I really can't see anyone having a bad time with this one.  Improves and expands on virtually every aspect from the original.  The cinematography is stunning, the best I've ever seen in an action movie.  Puts Skyfall to shame.  Constant visual splendor.
[Image: CureforWellness2-600x240.jpg]

How on Hera's Blue Earth was Gore Verbinski, after delivering a 168-minute Pirates 3 and a 149-minute Lone Ranger, allowed to let A Cure for Wellness run yet another butt-numbing, bladder-busting 146 minutes?! Surely if any movie cries out for a trim 90-minute-and-done runtime, it's a schlocky mental asylum horror flick?? Fan Editors, saddle up! Tongue
I'm not saying I didn't enjoy 'John Wick: Chapter 2' because I did but if JW1 was a proper 80s style action-movie, then JW2 was like an 80s sequel. Everything in theory is done better and taken to the next level but it all adds up to less somehow. The plot and character motivations are on shaky ground, so the action isn't as well underpinned as in the first movie.

One thing you can take from both movies, is that you never, ever, mess with John Wick because he's an unkillable super-assassin from the depths of hell. Unless he's gonna kill your son and you've no other choice (JW1)... or you just need the movie to happen and stuff because reasons? (JW2)

It's still well worth seeing for the excellently directed action sequences and some really wonderful cameos from Peter Serafinowicz and Laurence Fishburne (Even if I couldn't tell you what the latter contributed to the plot). Oh and how good was the scene where he has to do the thing in Italy but something else happens and it's kinda oddly beautiful.
Luc Besson combines The Last Starfighter with Forbidden Kingdom....

Might be fun...  Blush
"... let's go exploring!" -- CALVIN.
chick wick  (™)

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Pro Trailer Tip: If your movie is called "Atomic Blonde", you should use "Blondie Atomic" or you're just going to disappoint people.
Oh my. 
Charlize is a great actress, but she's being wasted here! She's no action herione - that first scene proved that. "The breeze of my fist passing your face is sufficient to knock you down"
And the lesbian love scene just comes across as... desperate. I'm sure it should be thrilling and edgy?
Charlize was more badass in Mad Max by far!

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