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Star Trek Discovery
"That Hope is You Part 2"

It was good. Not great. Not amazing.

It did it's job of giving a solid, entertaining, somewhat uneven, finale that tied up all the loose threads in the usual convenient, accelerated storytelling that Discovery favors.

The episode follows two very different storylines; the high octane adrenaline action of Michael saving the Discovery from the Emerald Chain and the more intimate, cerebral challenge of Saru helping Su'Kal come to terms with his past. Michael's story is fast paced, fun and totally illogical. Saru's is heartfelt, very Trek but ultimately predictable.

Biggest nitpick: the big spectacle set piece is Michael and Book fighting Regulators inside Discovery's Turbo Lift system. It looks and plays INCREDIBLE - worthy of any big screen blockbuster. BUT... apparently the interior of Discovery must be 90% hollow and is a megalithic empty transit hub chasm... lol. Can not wait until the official CBS/Paramount blueprints are released to explain this engineering nightmare LOL. Though I must admit, Book get's the best line of the episode at the end of this sequence.... never insult Book's cat.

I find Discovery works best if you don't over analyze it too much. It was a finale where the parts are better than the whole. Yes, the badguys were ultimately one dimensional and many plots points are non-sensical but the underlying theme of connection is strong and powerful.

And I gotta admit, the final scene of Michael on the Discovery bridge gave me the FEELS.

So for me, season three might be the most evenly written season to date. No extreme highs or lows, compared to the first two seasons. And Michael's arc has a rewarding (if not predictable) payoff. In the end, a solidly entertaining if somewhat unspectacular season.

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