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Star Trek Discovery
Not a great trailer. I think the creative meeting went something like this...

Executive A: "What piece of spine-tingling Star Trek music shall we choose for the trailer?"
Executive B: "I just don't know, there are so many stirring pieces by so many great composers."
Executive A: "Wait I've got it! We don't use any of them, we use a weak boring indie song instead!"
Executive B: "Er okay...but we use a little taste of the TOS theme at the very end to get people excited right?"
Executive A: "No, that would be too exciting."

^TM2YC you have been challenged to make this trailer exciting!
Remember that time when Spock had that half-sibling that he never mentioned before?

Now there are two of them!
[Image: homByZpG.jpg]
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She's called "Michael"? Okay.
There's so much piling up in this new TREK show that's making it even easier for me to just look on it as being set in a totally 'parallel/alternate universe' to the original TOS 'primeline'...

I was okay with the introduction of Spock's previously-unheard-of half-brother 'Sybok' for THE FINAL FRONTIER movie, but this is getting a little ridiculous now.  Dodgy   

Yet another previously-unheard-of 'family member/sibling' strikes me as a wholly unnecessary 'connection' for this new supposed TOS-era show.  I strongly suspect there's a good chance DISCOVERY will include a 'young Spock' appearance of sorts (perhaps even a 'flashback') eventually...but he will only  be a 'parallel/alternate universe' version in my eyes, if he does turn up! (along with everything else)  Tongue

However, I'm still curious to see everything they've come up with for this latest re-imagined spin-off, and just hope it includes a great 'Main Title' theme to kick things off in style.

Everything we know so far about the series.....

...to quote another Star franchise, "I got a bad feeling about this."

Around 10min45sec mark, it is revealed there is a legal reason why DISCOVERY does not visually look like classic Trek, having something to do with the new series is being produced by Paramount, not CBS... each own different rights to Star Trek.

This video seems to have been released just before the EW article with Bryan Fuller, it which he revealed he originally proposed the new series would have been an anthology, with each season taking place in a different prime Trek era.

At this point, I think I am becoming more excited for THE ORVILLE than Discovery...lol.
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obviously biased since it's from CBS, but still it's some info

All the critics are talking about is the trailer. We've been mislead many times by flashy trailers. I'll wait until it's released and then see what people think.
I'm positive it won't meet the likes of TNG, but if it's better than Voyager I'll be happy.

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