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Justice League
(07-24-2016, 04:18 PM)karacho Wrote: DC lost all my goodwill to trust them to make good superhero movies. If i want Batman or the Justice League, there are the Nolan movies, the excellent Arkham games, and the Justice League (Unlimited) animations. Cant praise the last one enough. It was made for kids, but with adults in mind. Great stories, great charakters, and action packed. If you guys want Justice League watch those. would pay to see those in theaters. You will not be disappointed.

Fair enough. I want something new so I'm excited. Plus Superman isn't quite in the roster yet, apparently. It seems the Rebirth line is influencing the DCEU movies.
For sure i will watch it one day, the possibilitie that they make a decent movie is still there, i just wont believe it until i see it. Smile
I got really excited watching that sizzle reel. Verdict is still out on how good it will be, but it certainly looks like these DCU films are getting better.
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[Image: 33456218682_f750783732_c.jpg]

Gotta admit, that shot of Batman is way cool but things being superficially "cool" is always Snyder's problem. Does he have to drag one of my favourite tracks, by one of my favourite bands into this Wink .
more JL teasers.... the Flash...

Can I stress how much I dislike the movie Flash costume?!?!?   Angry

But from the few teases, Ezra Miller's portrayal seems very enjoyable.

And Aquaman...

I am completely on the fence on this version of the King of the Seven Seas.  Though it is not surprising Snyder would go with the "grim & gritty" version of the character from the 90s....
[Image: hook-for-hands-aquaman.jpg]
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Trailer drop:

 Since I'm probably going to continue to watch the DCEU (against my better judgement), it's fair to say that with all the poorly lit, shaky action scenes happening, the only part of the trailer I liked was Gordon meeting with Batman (and Aquaman), and Aquaman standing on the batmobile like a surfboard shouting "YEAH!" That's the kind of "Chris Pratt and Raptor fist bumping" brand of silliness I can get behind.
Nah.  Not feeling it.  I really don't think anything can bring me back to this universe after BVS crushed my soul.  I just have no interest in seeing the further adventures of these versions of these characters.  I'm out 'till the reboot.
Yuck. Who needs a Justice League Dark in a cinematic universe utterly devoid of a single sunny day? Is there any chance this movie won't suck?

[Image: iuyu0ulk4uas52ifdqp7.gif]
Woohoo. It's the Avengers. They've got Iron Man, Captain America dressed in black, Quicksilver, the Lady warrior, and the Hawkeye-type macho dude.
Looks like it'll be a fun ride, actually. It'll be nice to see DC's take on the Avengers.  Smile
This trailer was TERRIBLE!  I thought I was watching cutscenes from a video game.  Too much reliance on CGI and iconic shots with probably 0% substance behind it.  Why is it that the CW shows and crossover get more right than these multi-million dollar movies?   Huh
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